Wendy's Jazz - Framed - 52 x 32cm
Wendy's Jazz - Framed - 52 x 32cm
Wendy's Jazz - Framed - 52 x 32cm
Wendy's Jazz - Framed - 52 x 32cm
George Hall

Wendy's Jazz - Framed - 52 x 32cm

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Set of 3 Limited Edition Giclee Print with Timber Framed

'Wendy’s Jazz' is sold as a set of 3.
This exclusive print is signed and numbered by the artist Wendy Orange.

Framed in wood box frame.

  • Timber box frame with perspex - 52 x 32 x 5cm profile

  • Giclee print - 50cm x 30cm

  • Takes 1 weeks for printing production.

    About the Artist: Wendy is the female alter ego of George Hall.
    Not a lot is known of her, except she shares the same name as George’s mother.
    She does have things to say about herself… endlessly in fact, but we are not too sure how accurate these are.

    She has an acute sense of colour and design, Wendy brings us her version of past trends, especially from the 50s and 60s.

    Wendy hates vacuum cleaner and computers, so she relies on the ever-patient George Hall to run her marketing and social media. She paints beautifully and is a perfectionist, often to her detriment as it limits her output, she loves to drink and periodically is admitted to rehab to dry out, but Wendy is in constant contact with George Hall who can action any requests for commissions. If you would like a bigger or smaller size Wendy can do another version to your size specifications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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