Content Optimist 101 x 101cm
Content Optimist 101 x 101cm
Content Optimist 101 x 101cm
Content Optimist 101 x 101cm
Content Optimist 101 x 101cm
Content Optimist 101 x 101cm
Content Optimist 101 x 101cm
George Hall

Content Optimist 101 x 101cm

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'Content Optimist' by George Hall. There is a back story to this work from my personal experience, but rather than colour it with my experience, I think it important to make it your story/experience/aspirations. There are quotes, as well as the background collage which is made up of positive words.

This artwork is created with:
1. Graffiti Acrylic Pens
2. Photographic Printing
3. Polymer Stain and Glaze
4. Ultra Violent Protective Varnish

This is a one of a kind artwork, there are no duplicates or prints, though there are others in this series, but they are all completely different from one another. It was created with acrylic graffiti paint pens, the background is a matt photographic print on canvas of the collage newsprint, made up of positive words and quotes, then stained with polymer glazes and finished with 3 coats of UV protective satin varnish, it will not fade in direct sunlight.

101 x 101 x 3.5cm

Signed on the lower right profile edge as well as a certificate of authenticity signed by myself.

Has strap at the back ready to hang.

Tasmanian oak fame available, please contact for pricing.

It is an archival canvas and paints, and has UV protected vanish, it will not fade in direct sunlight. Requires one week for satin finishing and UV protection.

If you would like another version to your size specifications as a commission, please contact me through this this website.

The Optimist Story (My Story):

At the beginning of 2019 I was going through a really sad time, I was beginning to lose hope in the world and hence becoming easily annoyed and angry.

I decided I didn’t want to be this way, so I did what I always do and that is to start drawing what I wanted life to look like. The reoccurring theme seemed to be love and optimism. So I kept drawing hearts, I think I must of drawn hundreds, all over magazines and newspapers they kept developing and growing and I began to really start loving them and the process. I loved the effect of the background newsprint, but sometimes the words were wrong.

So I research words of positivity and hope. I went through all the google searches and just kept adding to the list. I stopped watching and reading the news, I decided to create my own newspaper with these words. I wanted my heart to go onto words of love and hope. So I printed collages of these great words and started painting my multi-coloured hearts on top.

I noticed that people started smiling at me in the street and I wondered why, then I realised it was because I was walking round smiling, my mode had changed.

More people started contacting me and wanting paintings. I posted the hearts on my Instagram and I got so many orders for these hearts. I call them ‘The Optimist’ because that is was what I had become.

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