About George

George is a multi-media artist based in Sydney Australia, with paintings and mixed-media works represented in collections globally.

A self-confessed optimist, painting seven days a week, he approaches new work with openness, turning ‘mistakes’ into exciting new directions without any preconceived direction. The spontaneous effects foster a calm and whimsical energy, unique in atmosphere with unexpected accents, experimentation movement and form which gains him a solid reputation for restful and arresting art.


Trained in formal figurative practices and techniques, George’s work suggests forms and movement, non-literal nor fixed but presents the viewer with a sense of mystery, an emerging path into the unknown.

His approach to colour is ironic, yet subtle – knowing the rules, he breaks them with good reasons. Many of his works embody several layers in mixed media, using mainly acrylics, incorporating collage, glazes applied with brushes, sponges, rough-textured towels and sometimes dyeing natural canvas to create backgrounds with depth.


George’s journey into the realm of art began early, painting and drawing over papers given to him by his architect and illustrator father.

In native New Zealand and Fiji, George’s family lived until he was eleven. He embraced rich colours, joy, laughter and rain-soaked gardens, the childhood memories and colours echoing his first series, Paradise.

He learned that the things we draw are what materialises, and that we create our own living world in colours and pictures. The fascination with craft grew into a career spanning over 30 years designing textiles that reflects his sense of colour and composition. An avid traveller, he gathered inspiration for weaving, sewing and illustrating, enabling him to create with prevalent flexibility and fluidity.

With signature Collections including Optimist, Nature's Dance, and News of the World, the same vision and eccentricity still inflects George’s work. And work he does… rarely resting, living by the mantra that ‘a holiday away from painting is not a holiday’.

George Hall Art Studio in Darlinghurst NSW,
Call George 0416 115 385 for appointment