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About George

George Hall is a painter, printmaker, illustrator and long-time resident of Kings Cross in the (still bustling) heart of Sydney. For the past two years, he’s been a full-time career artist, building a substantial following with his signature large acrylic paintings and limited edition prints.

George has been fortunate to have worked with some outstanding graphic designers, and their guidance and expertise has also influenced his concern with the environmental context of his art, and those viewing it.
Using his graphic design skills, and attention to interior surroundings, George often photographs his work and places it in images of specific interiors, for a sense of how it will fit. He’s happy to do the same for you, if you’d like to see how a particular artwork will look in your own space.

George’s father, a painter and architect, helped instil a wonder for all things creative, and a passion for art. George grew up painting and drawing under his tutelage, before the days of iPads and computers.

George explores LGBTQI themes in his work also, in remembrance of the trailblazers of his community. He celebrates the joys of growing up with 3 lesbian sisters and very accepting parents.

George’s current work embodies the zest for colour and texture that inspired his previous 30-year career as a successful textile designer and fashion designer.
As someone who loves movement and colour – particularly the interplay of colour in nature – George strives to bring these qualities to his work for an affect which is very alive, yet also calming. Weather, especially rain and wind, are an ever-present influence and muse.


2016 'Cross Pollination' exhibition at Guerilla Gallery
2016 'Perception' exhibition at Guerilla Gallery
2017 'Stage Three' exhibition at George Hall Pop Up Gallery

George is currently showing his works at:

George Hall Art Gallery and Studio,
Shop 1, The Elan Building,
1 Kings Cross Road,
Darlinghurst, NSW 2011

Thursday 11am-6pm
Friday      11am-6pm

Saturday   9am-5pm
Sunday    10am-4pm

Or call George 0416115385 for appointment